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Free Event: Fri, Aug 18

We're having a party with sneak previews of our 63rd season and you're invited! If you're intrigued by the play titles, but want to know more, this is the perfect opportunity for a sample of what's to come, and we hope to whet your appetite for more! Speaking of appetite... it's a party so there will be complimentary appetizers and sweets as well as beverages (cash bar by Pikk's). Mark your calendars and reserve now!

(219) 464-1636 ext 1 | Reserve Online

UP NEXT: Aug 25 - Sept 9

Enjoy a musical romp through the joys and sorrows of being a kid. This hilarious family show gives the audience twenty-three lessons in an array of topics like how to beg for a dog, how to act when you’ve been sent to your room, how to torture your sister, and how to laugh hysterically. 

(219) 464-1636 ext 1 | Buy Online