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Shakespeare in the Park!

Join us under the stars for a modern-twist on classic-romp about the love/hate courtship of Petruchio and the headstrong Katherina. Set in the Minola Casino, Padua, everyone is placing their bets on whether Signora Baptista can find a match for her eldest daughter, prize fighter “Kate the Curst.” Until the shrew is wed, the two suitors gambling for the attentions of her younger daughter, Bianca (“Miss Padua”) will just have to wait. The odds change when a third suitor, Lucentio, arrives in Padua and hatches a plan to win the younger's affections in a tale that is filled with mistaken identities, humor and wit.  

>July 7 - 8, 2017 | FREE or VIP RESERVED TICKETS 
Park performances Downtown Valparaiso
Central Park Plaza, Porter Health Amphitheater

>July 14 - 22, 2017 | TICKETS/CALENDAR
Ticketed performances at Chicago Street Theatre