An Intimate Evening With



Sunday, Sept 8th, 2013

Showtime: 7:30PM Central


Nashville singer/songwriter Gretchen Peters appeared on our stage during our first season of One Night Jam back in 2001.  And it's about time to have her back.

You may know her name.  You definitely know her songs.  She's written a truckload of Top-10 hits for other country artists, such as "Independence Day" for Martina McBride, "On A Bus To St. Cloud" for Trisha Yearwood, "The Secret Of Life" for Faith Hill and others such as Pam Tillis, Patty Loveless, Neil Diamond, George Strait, Etta James and The Neville Brothers.

Throughout all of the success-through-others, Peters has remained, at her core, a singer/songwriter who's happiest when singing her own songs.  And amazing songs they are.

Her latest album, "Hello Cruel World," is a tour-de-force in personal, introspective songwriting.  Critics and fans alike all over the globe have been raving about it:

"Expertly and sincerely free of cliches or false romantic notions about any subject it addresses, its large spiritual truths are revealed in the only way they matter: small, intimate experiences. This album comes to the listener as a gift wrapped in tattered paper, making it all the more precious to receive."
-Thom Jurek,

"Has mastered (the craft) so completely, she can do anything she likes."
- London Times

"Hearing a well- written song is a miracle. The masterful song that rattles bone and chills blood is revolutionary. Gretchen Peters rattled and rolled my soul when I discovered her record Halcyon. Gretchen's a master singer/songwriter on my major league dream team: along with Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams, Eliza Gilkyson, John Prine, and one or two other designated hitters and relief pitchers of the soul. And, Goddamn can she sing. She's at the top of her game; batting clean-up in the major leagues. Listen up."
-Tom Russell (singer-songwriter)

“...from the aching lament of "Germantown" to the exotic romance encapsulated within "Over Africa," Peters scoured the depths of lyrical discord. And backed by Barry Walsh's exquisite piano playing, the elocution of the emotional truth set forth was only intensified by its execution. Nowhere was this more apparent than within their poignant performance of the Sinatra-propelled classic "One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)." During her set, Peters observed that there are two types of people in this world-those who think sad songs are depressing and those who find them cathartic. Gretchen Peters irrefutably belongs to the latter.”
-Santa Barbara Independent (Santa Barbara, CA)

Peters and her husband/pianist Barry Walsh thoroughly enjoyed their last appearance at CST and have been looking foward to returning.  The stars and dates finally aligned, and it's going to happen.

She's one of my personal favorite artists of all time.  The chance to share talent as deep as Gretchen's with an audience is the primary reason I do One Night Jam.  Join us, prepare to be completely engulfed in a world of words and music the likes of which are rare.  Gretchen and Barry spent the majority of 2011 and 2012 touring the world to sold-out houses in support of "Hello Cruel World".  Let's show them the love here in Indiana.

-- Paul Braun, director/Production Manager
One Night Jam concert series

More information on Gretchen can be found at her website: